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Terms & Conditions
Terms:  Established accounts are net 30 days from date of shipment.  All past due accounts will be charged 18% intrest, plus cost of collection.  All new accounts are cash with a down payment of 50% with order.  Balance is due at the time of shipment.
Prices:  Prices quoted are F.O.P. our shipping point and are based upon present market condition and subject to change without notice.

Claims:  Claims for any cause must be made specifically by written notice within ten (10 ) days after delivery.

Liability:  All varieties are true to name and will be replaced upon proper proof that it is otherwise.  We will not be responsible for more than the original purchase price.

Conditions of Sale:  All orders are accepted subject to prior sales of stock and crop conditions.  Orders shall be void should injury befall our stock from hail, flood, frost, drought, fire, error in count or other dauses beyound our control.
     A non-refundable deposit of 10% will be required for select specialty tagging by customer/architect.  The deposit will be expected to reach our office seven (7) days from the date of acknowledgment of the materials will be added back to inventory.  
     The parties hereto agree that any dispute arising out of the sale of these goods shall be arbitrated exclusively in the Chancery Court fro Warren County/Brundy County, Tennessee, and the State of Tennessee shall be the forum for any and all litigation that mey arise from any sale of goods by the seller.  Either party not prevailing in such actions shall be liable to the prevailing party for reasonable attorney fees.


Shipping:  We request our customers to give definite shipping instructions regarding manner in which they wish the goods shipped.  In the absence of special instructions, we will use our best judgement, but without assuming reasonable rates.  All shipments travel at risk and expense of purchaser.  All shipments will be accompanied with a State Cerificate of Inspection.  All delivery charges are C.O.D. and must be paid when order is delivered.


Preliminary Lien Notice:  For the benefit of both the landscape contractor and Little River Nursery, we will request information as to developer (owner), general contractor and /or landscape contractor and lender on all jobsites where we deliver on credit.  Amaterial release will be issued upon request following payment of the account.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

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