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Altamont, TN 37301
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To our Customers,
   It is with great pleasure we present our new Fall 2008 - Spring 2009 wholesale catalog. High Country Nursery is 28 years old and our goal is to produce the finest quality nursery stock available to the trade today. We have added new varieties and cultivars to our list and will continue to update in future years to come.
   Thanks to our customers for many years of their support and I gladly invite new customers to our business. A cordial invitation is extended to you to visit our nursery at your convenience.

Everett & Clayta Richardson

Conditions of Sale
     We are very careful to keep varieties true to name and will replace, on proper proof, any that may prove otherwise, or refund purchase price. Orders are accepted subject to crop failures, damage in frost, hail, or any cause beyond our control. We reserve the right to refund all or any part if loss occurs. We shall not be liable for any sum greater than amount received for nursery stock.
     Buyers agree any dispute arising out of the sale of these goods shall be litigated in the Chancery Court of Grundy County, TN and that the state of Tennessee shall be the only forum for any and all litigation which may arise from any sale of goods by the seller. Either party not prevailing in such action shall be liable to the prevailing party for reasonable attorney fees.

     Claims for errors, or any cause must be made promptly upon arrival of stock. We will not honor claims after goods have been accepted, or when written report is not made within ten (10) days after arrival of shipment.

     To customers with established credit, payment is net 30 days. To customers who have not established credit, a cash down payment of 50% is required and the balance due will be C.O.D. Late payments are 1½% monthly, 18% annually plus cost of collection.

     We will ship all bare-root trees Motor Freight or UPS. We are not liable for damage in transit. All boxes and packing material are charged to the customer at our cost.

Additional Stock
    We have additional stock that is not listed, and many items we have access to and can get for you at your request.

Minimum order: $200.00

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