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Terms and Conditions
All orders are C.O.D. unless other arrangements for open account have been previously made.  All accounts are due within 30 days or there will be a 1.5% finance charge added to all overdue accounts monthly, plus cost of collection, if any is incurred. 
CLAIMS:  All stock listed is first class stock.  We dig, wrap, and load our trees and plants with care so that you will receive your order in the best possible condition.  Our responsibility, therefore, ends when the carrier is loaded.  We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to life, quality, merchantability, or fitness for purpose beyond the description of the trees. 
NOTICE: DUE TO INCLIMATE WEATHER OR, ANY OTHER CONDITIONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE SURVIVAL OF TREES.  All claims to be considered are to be made in writing within 10 days of receipt.  All shipments travel at risk and expense of purchaser.  All freight bills are to be paid upon delivery. 
Limited supplies on some calipers of all trees.
We have many larger caliper trees priced on request.
These are semi truck load prices not single tree prices.
Add 20% for single tree prices.
Thank You! 
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